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Could a Limited Licensed Legal Technician help with your divorce?

Many divorces or child custody cases end up becoming protracted and expensive legal battles. For some people, this can make the prospect of divorce even more frightening. After all, the chances of a fair outcome decrease if your ex can afford an attorney but you cannot. Going through a divorce or custody dispute without legal advice and counsel could lead to an unfavorable outcome.

Plan carefully for your divorce mediation

Divorcing your husband is a big step. There are a few different ways that the divorce issues can be resolved. One of these is through mediation. When an agreement through mediation isn't possible, you can have the court make determinations about what is going to happen with regard to child custody, property and other issues.

Will divorce affect your plans for spring break?

In the last few decades, spring break has become an industry unto itself. Many people book the next year's spring break trip just as soon as they return from this year's. That helps ensure that there are rooms available for lodging. Travel arrangements are often made a little closer to the actual date of the trip, but chances are, you already have your plans set in stone when the New Year rolls around. Unfortunately, if you've filed for divorce between last year's spring break and now, there could be child custody issues that will impact the perfect spring break trip you have planned.

How divorce will affect this year's taxes

Among all of the factors that you consider during your divorce or separation, federal tax issues are probably far down on your list of priorities. However, divorce can significantly affect your tax return, and its implications should be seriously weighed when negotiating your divorce decree.

When is the best time to file for divorce?

If you are planning on filing for a divorce, you may be wondering if there is a good time to file, or if one time of the year is better than other time. For you, the answer depends on many factors from your readiness to your financial situation. While the answer is personal, filing for divorce does tend to fall along some seasonal lines.


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