3 tips to help you talk to your kids about divorce

| Aug 7, 2018 | Firm News

Making the decision to divorce is often very difficult. You probably agonized over it for months or even years, but now that you made your choice, you know that it is time to start the process. You will have to file a petition for divorce, make certain decisions regarding the division of your Auburn property and organize your finances so that you can make the right choices during the divorce settlement. However, one of the tasks you must do is to tell your children.

Divorce often has a lifelong impact on children and they will probably remember the moment you tell them about it for the rest of their lives. This means that you should take the time to prepare how and when you will deliver then news. The following tips can help you when it comes time to talk to your children about divorce.

Choosing a time

If you and your husband have both made the decision to file for divorce, it is time to tell your children. It is better to be up front with them than risk them finding out on their own. If you keep delaying, your children will begin to sense that something is wrong and they may begin to suffer from anxiety. Instead of delaying, you and your spouse should sit down together with your children for a family discussion about divorce and what it means.

Planning the conversation

When it comes time to talk to your children about divorce, it is important to have a plan. First, you must keep in mind that this conversation is about your children and their feelings. In other words, you will have to put your own emotions aside.

Be alert to how your children react to the news and stay engaged with them while they react. Your children will more than likely have questions and might become highly emotional. It is up to you validate their feelings, provide emotional support and be ready to offer an explanation for the decision.

Post-conversation tips

After you have the initial divorce conversation with your children, continue to be supportive of their feelings and make yourself available if they wish to talk about the new situation in the future. By staying present and showing them that you put them first, it will help reduce any anxiety, stress or sadness they might be feeling.

Also, make an effort to limit changes and try to ensure they get to spend enough time with you and your spouse. In addition, try to keep their lives outside the home, such as their school schedules, as normal as possible.

If you are planning to divorce and you have children, the way you break the news to your kids can have a lasting impact. The above tips can help you tell your children about your decision to divorce.