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Child custody: What is reasonable visitation?

Imagine you're the noncustodial parent of a child, meaning that your child lives with the other parent full time and you want to receive visitation rights. After going through all the court procedures necessary to seek visitation rights, the judge awards you "reasonable visitation."

What does reasonable visitation mean, and how much time will you get to spend with your child?

Tips to make co-parenting easy

If you have children and you are thinking of divorce, you may be wondering how they will cope with a shared custody situation. Part of helping your kids deal with shared custody is creating and maintaining a strong co-parenting plan. Fortunately, there are various resources available to help you stay organized. For instance, there are online programs that you and your soon-to-be ex-husband can access to use for scheduling visitations, after-school activities and various other events.

In addition to cloud-based applications, there are few other tips that can help you co-parent successfully. The following list contains valuable information as you navigate the challenge of a shared custody arrangement.

Could a Limited Licensed Legal Technician help with your divorce?

Many divorces or child custody cases end up becoming protracted and expensive legal battles. For some people, this can make the prospect of divorce even more frightening. After all, the chances of a fair outcome decrease if your ex can afford an attorney but you cannot. Going through a divorce or custody dispute without legal advice and counsel could lead to an unfavorable outcome.

Thankfully, Washington courts have systems in place to help support those who can't afford traditional attorney services and fees. After finding that a large percentage of people try to go through the courts without critical legal advice because of financial concerns, the Washington Supreme Court took steps to address this issue. If you believe a divorce or custody battle is imminent, but you can't pay for an attorney, there is another option available to you.

What are the 4 types of separation in a marriage?

When a married couple is "separated" it essentially means that they're still married, but are living apart. That said, there are different types of separation, and this results in a lot of confusion.

The four primary categories of separation for married couples are: (1) trial separation, (2) living apart, (3) permanent separation, and (4) legal separation. Let's take a look at each of these terms in a little more detail.

Avoid problems related to traveling with your kids post divorce

The more details you pin down in your divorce agreement and child custody plan, the less likely you'll be to experience confusion or disagreement in the future.

One way of creating more clarity in your child custody agreements and parenting plans is through the use of parenting provisions. These are statements that you and your ex-spouse agree to regarding various aspects of your child custody agreement. That said, you definitely want to make sure that your parenting provisions are a good balance of clarity and flexibility.

What is a virtual visitation plan?

You know divorce is going to get complicated. You want to stay involved with the kids, but you work a lot. So does your spouse. You both travel. You have demands on your time.

Some of these issues are the same reasons you decided to get divorced in the first place. You both felt it was better to split up. Now you know that, no matter how the time with the kids gets divided, you won't see them as much as you want to. It's just a reality of the life you live.

How to organize long-distance child visitation

When two parents live a long way away from each other, it isn't practical to have a 50-50 parenting split. It may not even be practical to do an 80-20 every-other-weekend schedule.

Imagine you live a five-hour drive from the other parent. It would be a significant burden to drive your child to and from the other parent's house every other weekend. As such, long-distance visitation arrangements may be best.

Do you know what to include in a parenting agreement?

There is a common misconception that a child custody case always goes to court. While there are times when this happens, it doesn't have to be the way things work out.

It‘s possible that both parents, with the help of their attorneys and a mediator, can work through the process to settle on a parenting agreement that works for both individuals.

Property division: Can I keep my house?

Let's imagine for a moment that you've been married for 15 years. Before getting married you had the good fortune to pay off the mortgage on your home. Your husband moved in with you after getting married and the two of you enjoyed the last decade and a half in the same home.

However, your marriage is now irrevocably coming to an end, and you're terrified about what's going to happen to your pride and joy: your home. Can your husband take half the value of your property? What's going to happen to your residence during the asset division process?

Plan carefully for your divorce mediation

Divorcing your husband is a big step. There are a few different ways that the divorce issues can be resolved. One of these is through mediation. When an agreement through mediation isn't possible, you can have the court make determinations about what is going to happen with regard to child custody, property and other issues.

During the mediation process, you and your ex will have to work together with the help of a mediator to come to agreements over issues related to the divorce. There are several things you can do to make the mediation process a bit easier.


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